The Ultimate Pest Protection

Apex Pest Control Utilizes Integrated Pest Management Solutions

Bed Bugs

Do you have a bed bug infestation? How to tell and what to know before treatment...


Cockroaches are one of New York's most invasive pests. What you should know...


Our proactive approach will help reduce and prevent rodent infestations. Learn more...

Canine Inspections

Our canine teams are incredibly accurate in detecting bed bug infestations...

Our services

All of the services we provide are performed with your best interest in mind. Our thoughtful approach eliminates the need for any unecessary use of pesticides and creates the best possible solution for your needs. Our trained and certified technicians are some of the best in the industry with decades of experience.

Integrated Pest Management

Our strategies includes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as part of every service plan. This increases effectiveness and limits the use of insecticides and rodenticides.

Preventative Maintenance

Our service plans are designed to give you the most cost effective solution to preventing common pest problems. Our plans are custom taylored for your specific needs.


When you have an infestation that needs immediate attention, our clean-out treatments offer a fast and effective solution to eradicate the problem.

Special Treatments

We offer treatments for uncommon pests and unique situations that need special attention.